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X-105 Aile Strike

Perfect Grade GAT X105 Aile Strike in Titans Livery

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Man I wish I could afford $150+ model kits, and have a whole spare room to hold them.


Here’s the rest of the pictures here


Hottips Solar Charger

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Man its been a bit since I blogged. But back into the breach! A week ago while on my way to hang out with some friends I bought a Hottips Solar charger from 7-11. I know I know I probably paid way too much, 19.99, compaired to whatever they’re selling them for on ebay. But I impulse bought a motorcycle once so there!
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Challenge our Leaders to Invest in the Future.

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I was reading some news the other day and noticed an article about Neil Tyson talking to congress about investing in science. You know that thing we used to do way back during the Cold War when we were afraid the Soviets were gonna (gasp) surpass us with their communism. We’ll long story short we invested not a lot of money into science, which paled in comparison to the military budget, but quickly became basically a world leader in research. This sort of drive was driven by American ingenuity and our fear of being usurped by the Soviets. We went to the moon and basically “won” the race. Then we got complacent and started cutting things across the board, and have been coasting ever since on progressively smaller and smaller budgets. More >

Legislating against the Poor.

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Oklahoma’s legislators are considering a bill that will require a 30 dollar drug test before people get on welfare. Its called HR2388. Oklahoma is considering this bill even though Florida which passed a similar bill a while back is getting flogged in court over its constitutionality. Now you might think something like this would be a good thing. You probably can probably easily think of poor down trodden people who need welfare, and also lazy jobless drug addict who just need to get off the smack and get a job. On the surface good deal right? More >

Winter is upon us, and I hate it.

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One thing I hate about this states highly variable climate is the winter. In addition to the harsh summers that make you think it should be some hellish desert outside or that we’ve finally pissed off the sungod. We have cold brutal winters that are usually below freezing but we don’t get the snow as its all dumped on the state north of us. So we just get the bitter cold. More >

Why Insurance needs reformed.

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Ok this is BS. As you might have noticed with the constant coughing and all, I’ve been sick for about 2 to 3 weeks. I figured it was a cold and would go away. But here I am still sick and finally decided to go see a doctor. Luckily for me or so I thought I have one of those nifty job provided insurances that I pay for every month . Well so I figured great i’ll pay 20 bucks and they’ll tell me to take some medicine and to stop drinking so much. We’ll much to my surprise the doctor said that i’d have to pay for the visit and the meds because of some mystery preexisting thing. They couldn’t say what. Now I have no major issues so I was offly confused. I mean did they steal my pee and discover I have cancer and just didn’t tell me? Well so i call up the company and ask. So basically I pay every month for a service I cant use because I had a gap in coverage for a year due to being unemployed for a year and they have me on some probationary period where I pay up front and they have to “approve” and “reimberse”. This period lasts a year by the way. So basically I’m stuck with mystery plague as I dont feel like paying 300 bucks on the chance they’ll pay me back sometime in the future (never?) Oh and i’ve paid probably close to 1000 dollars for this privilege. Side note does anybody know of an insurance company downtown we can protest? Or possibly avenge my death from mystery plague, and non caring businesses.

Rome – Death of a Republic

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We like to thing of ourselves as an cultured advanced society. One where our citizens have freedoms to do what they will and a beneficial state to help them in that pursuit. Everything from the simple farmer in the fields, to the business man doing large scale multinational trade, to the senator debating laws in the senate. We’re also a technological society where everyone has access to clean water, even hot water, and waste removed from your house. A citizen controlled military whose power is unparalleled in all the world. Yet we don’t have to worry about them taking over. We have a constitution that tells the government what it can and can’t do in the affairs of the citizens. Even the people in high office have their power checked. If they abuse it they’re held subject to the law. A civilization that grew out of the ashes of kings and began as a small country, later turning into a regional power and then becoming a superpower whom no one can match. More >

Pretty light show thanks to radiation.

We’ve Angered the Sun God!

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After being pretty quite during one of the longest solar minimums on record, early on Sunday the sun decided to unleash its pent up fury in a huge eruption of plasma and radiation. That also just so happens to be heading toward the Earth. But no need to worry, or go running for cover. The Earths magnetic field will shield our squishy selves from death and turn it into a pretty light show for the people up north. More >